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Dear Gramps,

Is it necessary for the congregation to sing all of the verses of a sacrament hymn, including those written at the bottom of the page below the music, before the sacrament can be passed? I recall several years ago being instructed in a High Council meeting, by way of a letter from the First Presidency, that all the verses should be sung but I notice that the verses written at the bottom below the music are not usually sung unless the Priests need additional time to prepare the sacrament. Is this directive still in place?





Dear Arthur,

I don’t know that it ever was a directive, but rather a recommendation to be used as appropriate in accordance with the circumstances. These matters are left to the discretion of the bishop, who holds the keys of the Priesthood for the administration of the affairs of the Ward.

Although it is recommended that all the verses of a hymn be sung, as you indicate, that recommendation is not always followed. Especially when time is short, such as is often the case in a priesthood meeting, or when a Sacrament meeting has gone appreciably over the prescribed time, only a single verse of a hymn is sung.






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