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Why is it required to learn the issues related to the ceremony of endowment if eventually some of us might be unable to remember? Does it mean we will not be allowed to pass the angels?  Thank you Gramps.






In the entire grand scheme of the Plan of Salvation, the Millenial Reign of the Savior, and Satan has been set free for a time, and the final war, there will be a time, during all of this, when we will be resurrected with perfected bodies and minds before we are to enter into the Glory of the Father. I trust that with a perfected body and mind, we will remember and recall all the knowledge that we have received into our hearts and our minds in order to return to the Father.

Let us think back to a time when there were very few temples on the earth. There were families in impoverished countries who saved for years in order to attend the temple once in their lives. They may never have had the means to return again. I know they were blessed for their sacrifice, and they will be able to recall what they need to return to the Father.

It’s a blessing to live in a time where there are so many temples built and being built. It is our blessing to attend as often as we can, to study out the instruction we can receive in the temple. It is truly the “Lord’s Eternal University”. The more you can learn and internalize from the temple, the more you will be blessed with additional inspiration and Spirit to help guide you in this life. That is a great blessing.

But for those who could only have attended one time in their life, I trust that we have a merciful Lord who will help us remember all things that we need to return to the Father.






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