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Book Of Mormon geography – Heartland/North America versus Central America –  current church leaders have chosen to remain silent on this as far as i know. does the answer to this question matter from a doctrinal perspective? that is – does my salvation hinge on how i answer this question?
If not – are there any other reasons why the answer to this question is/should be important to me as a believing church member?






You know, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people have asked these questions throughout the years.  And some thought it was so important that they left the Church over not having an answer to this question.  But let me ask you this question:  If your salvation hinged on the answer to this question, does it make sense that Church leaders would remain silent on this?

It continues to be a curiosity.  And I believe it will always be a curiosity.  But just imagine how many Latter-day Saints have obtained a testimony of Jesus Christ as their Savior, the prophetic mantle of Joseph Smith, the truth of the Book of Mormon, have received all the saving ordinances of the gospel and died without ever answering this question.  How important can it be?

The short answer is: No, it is not at all important to your salvation.  The answer to this question has no salvific consequence.  And it doesn’t have any testimony building power (in case you’re wondering).  If it’s a curiosity, then I’m all for being curious.  I think curiosity helps exercise the heart, mind, and soul.  I even think it might be fun to know.  But I certainly don’t let my salvation or testimony hang on such an answer.  I don’t think anyone’s testimony should. And may heaven help us if we need to know the answer in order to receive eternal blessings.

Stick with learning about the Lord, living gospel principles, and praying for the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Obtain the blessings of the Temple.  Share the light and knowledge that God has given you with others who may be looking.  Raise your children to know, honor, and do these things as well. These are the things that will have eternal consequences, not the results of archaeology.






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