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My parents divorced when I was 7. A few years later, both married other people.  My mom and stepfather joined the church. My stepfather died of cancer 3 months after his baptism and my mom chose to be sealed to him a year later. My dad passed away a few years later as well.  I was close to my dad so I want to wait till my mom dies so I can be sealed to both.  Because they divorced I’m not sure if I can.  I don’t want to spend all this time missing the chance to be sealed to my mom and stepfather. What do I do?





Dear Angie

Your question reminds me of a young friend of mine who had a similar problem. His parents divorced when he was young, and his mom remarried around the time he was 3 or 4 years old. His stepfather was an inactive member of the Church. Around the time of my young friend’s 8th birthday, his stepfather reactivated and baptized my friend and his mom. Unfortunately, my friend’s dad still hasn’t joined the church, but they are very close. My friend loves his dad, and he told me he was worried that if his dad ever decided to join the church, his dad would be upset if he couldn’t be sealed to him. He was in a real quandary, because he loved his stepdad too. His stepdad was a good man, but my friend just didn’t feel right leaving his dad alone, so he chose not to be sealed to the rest of his family.  My friend’s mom was sad about his decision, but understood his feelings and never pushed him to join the rest of the family.

Years later, after my friend’s stepfather passed away, he was talking to his wife about an upcoming visit by his mom, when a powerful feeling of peace and contentment washed over him. His greatest fear had been his dad being alone in the afterlife, but it was revealed to him, at that moment, that all his concerns would be worked out in the next life, and that for now he needed to be eternally connected to his family. He told his mom and she was excited; she had been praying to be united with her son for many years. They went straight to the temple and got it done. He felt a great amount of peace and comfort about his decision.

I think that you should pray about whether you should go ahead and be sealed to your mom and stepdad. If you feel peace about it, like my young friend did, you should go ahead and be sealed to your family.  It will be one of the best decisions you could ever make. All inconsistencies will be worked out in the next life, and you will receive a measure of comfort and strength from being sealed to your stepdad, mom, and the rest of your family. There won’t be any frowning faces in the Celestial Kingdom, and I know that the situation with your dad will be worked out in the next life the same way it will be for my young friend.






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