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I wonder if it is ok to talk with the dead? I have this “gift” to see through the veil and get in contact with the spirit world. But when I talked to my Bishop about it he got angry with me and said we shall only talk to God.   Is that really a wise way as a Bishop to tell me how to do in this case?






I had a friend that had the ability to see spirits and converse with them. She told me it was her long dead ancestors (ones that she knew). I believe that there are various gifts given to all of us, and some of us are more prone to sense spiritual things than others, and may perhaps have the ability to talk to those that have passed before. However, I believe that is very very rare.

I am not making light of your gift. However, we must be very careful that we can distinguish between good spirits and evil ones. We have been told in the Doctrine and Covenants how to determine which is a good spirit and which is an evil one, and what we should do if we encounter each (read Section 129 of the D&C). And we do know that the only Spirit we are commanded to heed is the Holy Ghost, who teaches truth and testifies to us the things pertaining to God. So I believe you should heed the counsel of your Bishop and take whatever the spirits that you see are telling you not with a grain of salt but perhaps with 10 pounds of it. It is likely that they are not good spirits sent to help you get thru this life, but rather evil ones trying to seduce you away from the truth.

Good luck.






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