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Ron Wyatt’s archaeology discoveries  as outlined on I believe are true and will be verified in due time. I have studied them in detail and I believe they need to be learned & shared by all and with all. It bugs me that our Bibles have inaccurate information when the truth of these things is available, and needful. What are your thoughts?





Dear Roy,

While I’m proud of you for doing research in what you think will be a faith-promoting method, I’d like to caution you about a few things. To be clear, I am not familiar with this man, his research, or his beliefs.

Like many things in life, the internet is both good and bad. Without it, Ask Gramps would not exist. Nor would we be able to connect with people who share common goals, beliefs, values and interests. For many of us, the internet is a place to connect with people that we would not have met even two decades ago. Having said that, the internet can also be very dangerous. One does not have to be a genius to figure out why. In the news we read about children getting into trouble by meeting strangers. We can hear about people forming inappropriate relationships with others they’ve met online, and most importantly-the internet can give a form of credence and credibility to ideas that may not deserve them.

Just to be clear, I’ve never read about this persons website and I don’t know anything about them. He might be accurate, faith promoting and 100% compatible with the views of the Church. However, I’m sure he is not sanctioned by the church. That does not mean you shouldn’t read his blog or research, again, he might be right-but when it comes to such highly charged topics as church archaeology you need to be very careful. Even someone with the proper background and training in the subject isn’t always right. He also might lack the proper background and training.

I’m sorry that it bothers you that bibles have inaccurate information. I’m sure that you view the bible in high regard, like all of us do. I apologize for sounding harsh, but it is not up to you or anyone not authorized by Heavenly Father to say that bibles are inaccurate. We (LDS) accept that our bible is accurate on faith, and more importantly, if the bible was inaccurate and did need changes, we accept that Heavenly Father would tell his prophets what needed to be changed. I think it is presumptuous to say that you know more than Heavenly Father or His prophets.

Again, I admire you for doing research and respect you a great deal for it. I advise you to keep looking at all internet sources with a skeptical eye. I also advise you to put your trust in the Lord and let Him decide if holy scripture needs to be changed or not.






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