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I had a married sister tell me that single sisters were overusing the priesthood in requesting blessings. She said her husband doesn’t give her blessings, and it annoyed her that he was called out to give single sisters priesthood blessings. So… how much is too much? How does one determine if it is appropriate or inappropriate to request a priesthood blessing?





As members, we are encouraged to ask for blessings when we feel a need for additional protection from Heavenly Father. Some instances include beginning college and possibly leaving home for the first time. Other times would include preparing to serve a mission, or in preparation to go through the temple for the first time.

We can also receive blessings for times of distress and trial in our lives, and I think these times are those that your associate had in mind. To be sure, life is difficult. What may be a severe trial to one person may seem a trivial bump in the road to another. Because of this, it is difficult to state clearly when someone is ‘overusing’ the priesthood.

What we do know is that the priesthood operates upon the principle of faith, both the faith of the priesthood holder, and the individual seeking the blessing. As such, so long as the faith is sufficient, and the request is in harmony with the will of Heavenly Father, the blessing will be heard and answered.


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