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Dear Gramps,

I had a question while reading the Book of Mormon. In Omni 1:20 it says that the record of the Jaredites was found engraved upon a large stone. However, In Mosiah 8:9 it says that the Jaredite record was found written upon 24 plates. Did one of these authors make a mistake, or am I misunderstanding something? Your insight, as always, is most appreciated.





Dear Rob,

Neither author made a mistake. The records found were different records. From the Book of Omni we read—

And it came to pass in the days of Mosiah, there was a large stone brought unto him with engravings on it; and he did interpret the engravings by the gift and power of God.


And they gave an account of one Coriantumr, and the slain of his people. And Coriantumr was discovered by the people of Zarahemla; and he dwelt with them for the space of nine moons.


It also spake a few words concerning his fathers. And his first parents came out from the tower, at the time the Lord confounded the language of the people; and the severity of the Lord fell upon them according to his judgments, which are just; and their bones lay scattered in the land northward (Omni 1:20-22).

Coriantumr was the last surviving member of the Jaredite nation, and as indicated in the scripture above, the record on the large stone talks mainly about Coriantumr and his people, and only a few words were recorded about his ancestry. However, the twenty-four gold plates found by the people of Limhi contained the record that was translated by Moroni, and which we have as the Book of Ether. In the Book of Ether Coriantumr is mentioned as living in the days of Ether, who wrote the history of the Jaredite nation that carries his name.






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