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Please explain revelation to me.






What a question! I could go on for pages, but I doubt that would be a preferred response. Instead, let me describe how I have received revelation in my life.

Sometimes it comes as an epiphany, or a sudden falling-into-place of several elements that were previously somehow misaligned in my mind.

Sometimes it comes as a peaceful feeling regarding a decision I have made. Sometimes it is a feeling of trouble or danger regarding a decision that needs to be changed.

Sometimes it comes as a piece of truth that instantly fits perfectly with what I already have as a testimony of Christ and His gospel.

Not even these are all the ways that revelation comes to us. What revelation is, however, is pure truth given to us from God, and confirmed by the Holy Ghost whose mission it is to testify of all truth.

Revelation can be about anything ranging from major financial decisions, to how best to fulfill a specific challenge in our church calling. Major family decisions, career choices, questions about our testimony, even talks we are asked to give in sacrament meeting can all be reasons we seek and receive revelation.

The key in receiving revelation from God is an attitude of willing acceptance of the answer, regardless of what that answer may be, including the willingness to act upon the answer without doubt or hesitation. After all, we’re asking Heavenly Father what we should do or what we should believe. If he doesn’t see we’re willing to obey him, he may not give us an answer until we are.





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