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I would like to know what the stop smoking program for the Mormon church is.





Dear Chia,

If you are referring to some program or technique to overcome the habitual use of tobacco, I doubt that the Church has any recommendation. I assume that they would leave it entirely in the hands of the individual what approach he or she may use to overcome the habit.

However, I could recommend an approach that I have seen work many, many times.

First, make a resolve never to smoke again–ever! The resolve is to be made now. If you put off complying with that resolve you have just made a de facto resolve to continue smoking. So, first the resolve!

Next, gather up all your smoking material and throw it in the trash. If you don’t do this, the resolve is not a resolve, and you are only kidding yourself.

Next, ask the Lord in sincere prayer to give you the strength to be obedient to the principles put forth in the Word of Wisdom. This includes abstinance from not only cigarettes, but also tea, coffee and alcohol. In order for the Lord to answer your prayer, those substances must also be part of the resolve.

Now, you are going to have a rather rough time for a while, but only for a while. As the toxifying agents are gradually eliminated from your body, so will the urge to continue their use be eliminated. Thousands upon thousands of people have overcome such habits, and there is not the slightest doubt that you will be able to do so also. It depends entirely on your resolve.






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