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This is not a comment. I have been trying to find out why after someone dies that you have to wait another year before you can get them their endowments. I have tried to find out through the proper ways, but no one has the answer for me. My husband died last September he was baptized on March 15,1998. I do not understand why he would have to wait another year if he has already been baptized. Is there any information that you have that may help me understand this? I am at the end of my rope with this, and it is very frustrating. Please, any information that you might have may be helpful to me. I am sorry for bothering you with this but I don’t know who else to go to and I felt prompted to write. Thank you for you time, and any information or direction that you can sent me would be a great comfort to me. Sincerely,

Sister D




Dear Sister D,

We might also ask the question, why does anyone who is baptized have to wait a year before going to the temple. I would imagine that the answer is that a year is a reasonable time for new converts to understand and appreciate the blessings of the gospel, and to gain an understanding of the sacred significance of the temple ordinances.

Likewise, any unendowed church member who changes venue from mortality to the spirit world must also wait a year after entering his new environment before having temple work done in his behalf. Undoubtedly conditions are different in the spirit world. The principles of the gospel are the same, but their application would necessarily be adjusted to the spirit environment. Further, learning never ceases, and in the post-mortal spirit world there may additional information and understanding that we must acquire and accept in order to fully appreciate the significance of the endowment and sealing ordinances.

These are only suppositions on my part. The fact is, that the year waiting period is in force both in mortality and in post-mortality. That waiting period was instituted under the direction of the Lord and is according to his will. We may not understand all the ways of the Lord, nor all the reasons for the procedures that he has instituted in his kingdom both on the earth and in the spirit world, but that lack of understanding should not impede our acceptance of and compliance with that which he has revealed to his prophets. You have only less than two months to wait before your husband’s work can be done for him. It is extremely important to be prepared with a good spirit and an attitude devoid of contention to fully appreciate and enjoy the blessings of the Spirit that are soon to be yours.






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