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Why are new converts not allowed to receive temple endowments for a year after their conversion? It seems that after they are baptized would be the best time for them to receive their temple work.





Dear Brenda,

The ordinances performed in the holy temples of the Mormon Church represent the culmination of the blessings prepared by our Heavenly Father to be given to his faithful and obedient children in mortality. They represent serious and far reaching covenants of obedience to the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A time of preparation and experience in the Church is required before the novice can begin to understand the deep meanings associated with those sacred covenants. Thus a minimum of at least one year’s membership is required before a temple recommend can be issued.

Even then such recommends are in no way automatic. They require that the candidate have a searching personal interview with the Bishop of his congregation and also with the President of his Stake. In those interviews searching questions will be asked, not only about the person’s worthiness by righteous living to enter the House of the Lord, but also to determine if the person’s doctrinal preparation is sufficient to permit him or her to understand at least the basic principles of the sacred covenants that the Lord has prepared for those that love him and keep his commandments.






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