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Dear Gramps, .

I have always been curious how women can expect to be remarried (after being widowed) if they can not be sealed to more than one man. Personally, I would want to spend eternity with my husband, and so do not want to be sealed to more than one man, but if I was widowed young, I don’t know if I would want to spend the rest of my life alone. I guess I could have a civil marriage, but if I loved this person, wouldn’t I want him to have the blessings of the temple? Then he would be stuck with me. What a mess! Men seem lucky to not have this dilemma to consider. Please help me understand


Dear Marcia,

It’s true that a woman can be sealed to only one man, but if temple worthy she may be married in the temple for ‘time only’ to another. She could learn to love the other as she did her eternal husband. But when we reach eternity, exalted in the celestial kingdom, that spirit of love will be extended to all. Sacred associations will continue, but the eternal family relationship will remain as sealed in the temple. Our problem is that we tend to project our present imperfect alliances and feelings into the eternities without realizing that they will be honed and polished to perfection. In that state there will be no conflict, no misunderstanding, no jealosy, no tears and no sorrow. All will be well, so there is really nothing to worry about.

There is no doubt that your eternal husband, from the perspective of his vantage point, would want your comfort, well being and happiness during the remainder of your mortal sojourn. And he will be eternally grateful to the person who would be willing to spend the rest of mortality with you to give you companionship and help take care of your needs and desires.


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