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Will I ever get to have a baby? I am in my 60s. Do I ever get to have babies–descendants. I don’t mean adopting or spirit children. I mean getting big and pregnant and wearing really cool maternity clothes and looking really beautiful like pregnant women. I’ve heard that if you are worthy that no blessing will be withheld. I’m willing to adopt but I want to have physical children from my body. Things are supposed to happen in the Lords’ time–but it sounds like there’s no time for me.




Dear Gail,

Thank you for posting this question. I’m certain that you aren’t the only one whom has ever endured or wondered about this particular topic. I was going to share scripture and quotes that would ease this burden you’re enduring, but at the end of the day, it would be futile. I feel strongly that women, like yourself, are here to provide examples of true hope, remarkable spiritual strength and unshakable patience, specifically to those of us who lack what seems to be such elusive attributes. I wish I had the power of vision and could tell you, “Yes, you will have babies and lots of them”, but I don’t. The only BEING that can give you peace and knowledge of your future is Heavenly Father. Prayer is such a powerful tool that many seem to dismiss it due to its simplicity. But it is there and I’m not suggesting that you haven’t used it but I am encouraging you to continue using it. Also, our patriarchal blessings have key indicators which will give us specific instructions on how to direct our thoughts and actions to obtain such blessings. The timeline or duration of the completion of these blessings may not come during this lifetime but they will come.

Know this Gail:

God does know you, He does Love you and wants the best for you. Have faith! Have Hope! Keep the commandments and you WILL fulfill the measure of your creation.

With much love and respect,






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