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If someone attends the temple sealing of their child when they are not worthy to be in the temple what are the ramifications?





Dear Barnet,

Remember when you were a kid and you did something wrong and your mother said, “Just wait until your father gets home.”  And you felt the fear rising?  Well, most adults have some similar type of memory.  Or perhaps you got in trouble at school and were called to the principal’s office?  Or when you knew you had been slacking at work, and get notice your boss wants to talk to you.  You walk into his office and he says, “Close the door.”  Or that sinking feeling when you aren’t paying attention while backing up and hear the crunch of metal on metal? Or when you were dating and your significant other said, “We need to talk . . .”  When you open the mail box and see a letter from the IRS?  Or imagine opening the door and seeing a police officer who asks for you by name.  All those are just child’s play….

President Kimball gave counsel that is fitting here: “Remember, God is in his heavens. He knew what he was doing when he organized the earth. He knows what he is doing now. Those of us who break his commandments will regret and suffer in remorse and pain. God will not be mocked. Man has his free agency, it is sure, but remember, GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. (See D&C 63:58.)”

I realize this doesn’t answer your question specifically.  I don’t think the Lord has given us a specific answer, but I can say with confidence, we don’t want to know.  If you search the scriptures, the Lord has given plenty of examples of what will happen to the wicked who do not repent.

If you are thinking of doing this – don’t.  If you already have, see your Bishop and get the repentance process started.  Better now than later.





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