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Some questions I have asked you I have asked other people before and after I’ve seen your answer. Who am I to believe?  Sometimes my Sunday School teacher will give me a different answer than my Seminary teacher which might be different from your answers. Who should I listen to and know what is right? I’m going through a time where I cannot receive revelation due to my personal sins and life.  Do I need to wait until I can before I can know who is right?






Let me immediatley tell you that you will always be entitled to personal revelation from God. You may not have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost due to your sins, but that never means you cannot receive answers to prayers.

Never ever allow sin to persuade you to stop trying to communicate with your Heavenly Father. That is only the will of Satan working to keep you from your answers. He only has the power over you that you let him have. Fight him off and seek out the creator of your spirit. God will never stop wanting to reach you, to communicate with you, and to lead you to the answers you seek.

Now, as for the different answers, some of them apply to specific situations, and others are from a different viewpoint than what you may see. In the end, your personal prayers are the key to finding out the truth for yourself. The answer is there for you to find. Don’t ever stop trying to find it until you recieve it from Heavenly Father.

Believe Heavenly Father


Ultimately you are only expected to believe Heavenly Father without question. The reason is simple, and that is because we know truth when we hear it, and Heavenly Father will never lie to us. We will feel the truth we see through the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Stay on the path to correcting your life and standing before God. Keep searching for the answers you seek, and I promise you God will answer as soon as you’re ready to hear it.





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