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I have a problem; the Church agrees with mainline Christians that when Jesus came, he fullfilled the Law of Moses, so therefore, Animal or blood sacrifice was done away with; last year in Gospel principles class, the teacher was discussing the chapter of Sacrifice, when it came to the subject of blood sacrifice, he said:  “I understand that they are coming back.” Does the LDS Church REALLY believe the blood sacrifices will return? This tells me that the Church is not a Christian Church, therefore, I am in the process of investigating a church called St. Mark’s Episcopal here in Salt Lake City, and requesting that my name be removed from LDS Membership records.


Dear Douglas,

scriptures mormonFirst off, rest assured that blood sacrifice is not, nor will it ever come back. Christ has made it very clear throughout the scriptures that he is the fulfillment of blood sacrifices and that they are to no longer be performed again. But what I see as the main issue is that you need to understand that the Church as a whole may be perfect, but it is filled with imperfect beings. You will find that many people will have many ideas that will be well meaning and logical to themselves, but doctrinally mistaken. This is why personal study of the scriptures and the words of the modern Prophets are so important; so we can build a firm foundation of the true Gospel principles. So learn all you can and be patient with others and view them as we all are, imperfect, but still God’s children.

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