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Dear Gramps,

I was wondering a few things specifically about the tribe of Judah and its decendants. Could a church member be of the tribe of Judah? What are the responsibilities and blessings of the tribe of Judah? Are all Jews of the tribe of Judah? What will happen to the tribe of Judah in the last days?






I will seek to address your questions in the order asked. First, yes a church member can be of any tribe of Israel, Judah included. I have a friend whose cousin is a member of the church and is from the tribe of Judah. Remember, all the tribes of Israel will one day be discovered, and a member of the church will easily be from one of the twelve tribes.

Second, if you read Genesis 49:8-12, we are provided the blessing given by Jacob to Judah. This blessing reveals that Judah will have blessing and responsibility within government and also that the Messiah will be born in his lineage. We know they are the covenant people of the Lord.

In most of my reading Judah is known to have been given the scepter, a symbol of power. The scepter is also a symbol regarding the branching of a tribe, which they have become and are.

If you would like more information regarding the responsibilities of Judah and what is to happen in Jerusalem, I would begin reading this Ensign from 1972. This Ensign is dedicated to what needs to be fulfilled before our Lord returns in glory.

Third, all Jews are not from the tribe of Judah. Some Jews were of the tribe of Benjamin and we have record of Anna in the New Testament who was of the tribe of Asher. The term “Jew” is a religion, and anybody that follows this religion can be defined as a Jew despite their lineage. It is similar to say, that Mormons are not from one tribe either. Mormon is a religion, by which many tribes, all of them at one point will belong to.






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