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Hello. I am 16 and I have zero affiliation with the church. I was interested in learning about the Mormons, so I got a copy of the Book of Mormon. I have read part of it and I would like to learn more about it with others. Should I go to my nearest church and speak with them? Am I allowed at age 16 to even go by myself? I can take the bus down there easily. I am trusted by my parents to not do anything bad. What do you think? Thank you for taking the time to read this.






At 16 you are a minor.  As such the Church will respect both the laws and your parent’s right to choose what is best for you.  If your parents give permission, you can very much attend church and even join.  But if your parents choose not to give permission, then the Church’s position is for you to honor your parent’s wishes in the matter.  If they oppose, then you might need to wait until you are legally an adult.  This is not to say that you can’t respectfully try to get them to change their minds.  But no matter what your parents choose, your best option for dealing with them is to show them by example how following this path is helping you become a better person.

For continuing this path going to Church is a good option.  However the Church has missionaries that are willing to come to you and meet you wherever you are, including talking to your parents about what you are looking into and what you will be learning. would be a place where you can contact the missionaries and learn more about the Church through a website they set up for people like you who are looking into the Church.





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