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What happens if you break the law of chastity and repent to God but don’t confess to the bishop/branch pres?

I want to fully repent but I just can’t confess to the branch president… it’s too embarrassing and awkward. My branch president knows me well (small branch) and I don’t want him to think badly of me. I understand why it could be helpful for some people but why is it mandatory for full repentance? What will happen to me if I never get the courage to confess?







Repentance is always between you and the Lord. However, some acts put your status in the Lord’s kingdom in question. In such cases, the Lord has commanded that we present ourselves humbly before our leaders, whom God has given charge of His kingdom, and confess our sins, then forsake them. You cannot complete your repentance without visiting with your branch president. If you would prefer, you can go talk to your stake president (or district president, if you don’t live in a stake), but he will in turn send you back to talk with your branch president.

Your branch president has been given the duty and authority to hear situations like yours and to know by the Spirit how best to help you. This is not about humiliating you; it’s about helping you get past this. I really do understand how uncomfortable and embarrassing this seems to you, but have faith in God. This is the system He has set up. Go talk with your branch president. Things will be okay.





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