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Dear Gramps,

I am looking for a reference on a catholic priest who stated that at that time (1739 in Basil, Switzerland ) that there was not a true church on the earth, but that he had had a vision of people being ran out of their homes because of their religious beliefs. He stated that the true church would be restored in about 100 years. I have been unable to find the article (Church News I think) that I first read this story. I know that years ago the “church” had asked that this not be used in talks and such until it could be verified. I was told that a couple of missionaries in Switzerland used every “P” Day to search for this verification and that they did find it.

Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,





Dear Glenda,

The prophecy that you refer to was purported to have been made by a Catholic monk named Lutius Gratus in the year 1739, the original of which was said to be found in the library of the University of Basel in Switzerland. This amazing document foretold the coming forth of the true church of God within one hundred years, a church which would be led by prophets and elders bearing the priesthood of old; the tiny band of faithful followers of these divinely ordained men would be persecuted and killed until at length they found refuge in the valley of a great salten sea; there they would cause the land to burst forth in blossoms, build a temple of indescribable beauty, and gather the righteous from the four corners of the earth, all in anticipation of the day when the Lord God would visit the wicked with his destructive fury.

This account has been thoroughly researched by a number of investigators, and there is no record that it ever existed. In spite of its spurious nature, because of the captivating content, it has continued to circulate among many of the missionaries of the Mormon Church. In 1959, for instance, it became the common property of the five thousand and more missionaries then serving throughout the world through its inclusion in the “Missionary Pal,” which was compiled by Thomas Keith Marston.

A very lengthy research article has been written that conclusively demonstrates the spurious nature of this supposed prophecy, entitled “Play It Again, Sam”: the Remarkable “Prophesy”of Samuel Lutz, Alias Christophilus Gratianus, Reconsidered by Paul B. Pixton , BYU Studies, vol. 25 (1985), Number 3 – Summer 1985, p.27.






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