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Dear Gramps,

I have a friend that thinks that since she can’t find any where that a General Authority or Prophet told us to have 72 hour kits, that it is not really a necessary thing. She thinks it is a good thing- just not on the same level of importance as a year’s supply. With all the natural disasters occurring around the world, I disagree with her. I also have quoted her the scripture about “he that hath to be commanded in all things…” But unless I can find a direct quote, she doesn’t believe me. So with your vast knowledge and library, tell me, has a 72 hour kit ever been encouraged by our General leaders or did someone just pick this up along the way on their own?





Dear Cheryl,

Gene R. Cook, a general authority addressed specifically to the preparations of seventy-two-hour kits in his book—

“Preparing seventy-two-hour emergency kits,” Gene R. Cook, Raising Up a Family to the Lord, p.291.

The preparation of seventy-two-hour kits has been a first order emergency response promoted by the Mormon Church for a long number of years. It is taught in virtually all the wards and stakes of the Church. Does your friend think that any program officially instituted on the ward or stake level has less importance because it is promoted by a bishop or stake president rather than by a general authority? All such programs come down from the top.

There is also a section on Provident Living (owned by the Church) regarding 72 hour kits.  You can read about it here.

Now, with this new knowledge do you think that your friend will now go out and prepare her seventy-two-hour kit? It would also be very interesting to know if this person has on hand her year’s supply, since she thinks that it is from the general authorities and on a higher level of importance that a seventy-two-hour supply.






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