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Dear Gramps

Why would Heavenly Father treat His daughters so differently from His sons concerning the Celestial Kingdom? I am one of His daughters and I have absolutely no desire to aspire to dwell in the Celestial Kingdom…..if…….

1) Because I’m single, I have to depend on a man to get me there… or…

2) I have to depend on another man’s wife who has already been sealed to him to approve my being one of his wives…yet…

3) A man can go and have many wives to “serve” him for eternity. Suppose I am “not approved” by his wife? Where does that leave me? There are no marriages in Heaven.

4) If I were sealed to a man and/or approved by the first wife of a man….how in the world could I bear eternal children of a man I do not love and know that I am betraying his first wife? There is no way I could be happy.

I do not believe that the most joy in the next life can possibly come from what was so abominable in this life to God that He did not allow it– i.e. polygamy. It was certainly not taught in the Book of Mormon the “most correct book on earth”….nor were the “kingdoms”. None of these people practiced it…or…betrayal

Also if we were unorganized intelligences in the pre-existence, weren’t we organized into spirit children? If so, why would men need women to make spirit children. It also bothers me that, I think it was a Kimble that, said choosing a wife was no different than buying a cow…this is in church history. Thanks for your help.





Dear Frances,

I would not be concerned if I were you. You have nothing to fear since you will never be associated with the celestial kingdom. Because,

1) you must depend on a man to get you there. However, you are apparently not aware that a man must also depend on you to get himself there. As we read in 1 Corinthians,—

Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord. (1 Cor 11:11)

2) You will have to depend on another man’s wife who has already been sealed to him to approve of your being one of his wives. Of course, that supposed difficulty would never come up if you were the first or the only wife of that marriage. But the concept of being put off because you have the idea that you would have to depend on someone else for your status in the celestial kingdom would also be sufficient to prevent you from ever going there. You seem to have the opinion that social conditions and personalities in the celestial kingdom are the same as they are in the telestial kingdom in which we now live.

That appears to be also the basis of your third objection–”A man can go and have many wives to “serve” him for eternity. Suppose I am ‘not approved’ by his wife? Where does that leave me?” Nothing in that concept could be further from the truth! Wives are not servile to their husbands in the celestial kingdom. Marriage relationships in the celestial kingdom are based on perfect equality of the contracting partners–whether there be one wife or many.

Your fourth objection, that you could never bear the children to a man that you don’t love, will also be of no concern to you since, in the celestial kingdom no one is united to anyone that they do not love with all their heart. Secondly, there is no betrayal in the celestial kingdom, so if you have the concept that bearing children in a celestial plural marriage involves something secret, or not approved by all the parties involved, you will never be subjected to an environment where you could exercise such unworthy thoughts. If there is no way that you could be happy in a celestial environment, which is designed by our Heavenly Father for the full and complete happiness of all those that are qualified by their virtue and righteousness to go there, you would never by required to endure that which you do not want.

You seem, Frances, although you apparently are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to be laboring under a number of misconceptions concerning the doctrine and history of the Mormon Church. Why would you say that polygamy is so abominable that God would not allow it on the basis that it is not mentioned in the Book of Mormon? It is mentioned in the Doctrine and Covenants! If you profess to believe in the Book of Mormon but not in the Doctrine and Covenants, which contains a full explanation of many of the doctrines that are required for man’s (pardon me) persons exaltation in the celestial kingdom, again you should have no worry at all over ever getting there.

You also appear to have some misconceptions about how life starts and progresses through its various eternal phases. What do you mean by the term “unorganized intelligences?” That term does not exist in any of the scriptures. What do you mean by the comment that we are organized into spirit children? Spirit children are not organized, as would be a committee, or any structure composed of various materials. Spirit children are born of heavenly parents in the same manner that you and I are born of our earthly parents. That is why they are called spirit children. You talk about being worried about bearing children in the celestial kingdom without the approval of a first wife, so you must have some notion of family progression in eternity. Those who achieve exaltation in the celestial kingdom, do so only as husbands and wives. No single person, although they may be qualified to reside in the celestial kingdom, will ever achieve exaltation therein, which means that it shall be a fulness and a continuation of the seeds forever and ever (D&C 132:19). Family progression in eternity means that exalted beings in that environment will continue to have children, and those children, when born, will be composed of spiritual material–of the same form and fashion of which we existed before our mortal birth.

Please plead with your Heavenly Father for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as you in sincerity and humility examine the holy scriptures so that you may be enlightened by eternal truth rather than laboring under the misconceptions that cause you to doubt the wisdom of God in regards to his eternal plan for the happiness of all his children who are willing to accept his word and abide by the dictates of his command.






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