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Dear Gramps,

In many of my blessings, whether just Father’s blessing or when I was confirmed president of Deacons’ quorum I have been told that I would be an example because of my “great knowledge and understanding of the gospel” (they said something of that nature but I can’t exactly remember) but many times it seems that what my father thinks and what I think are two different things. I also seem to interpret many scriptures differently than him. I am beginning to scare myself because he has been a member all his life and is more than likely right on everything he says that I don’t agree with. But how do I tell? Your help with this would be greatly appreciated!





Dear Kevin,

The blessing to you of great knowledge and understanding of the gospel may be more of a challenge than an accolade. Such blessings often speak of that which is to come. However, the fulfilment of the blessings would depend very much on the worthiness, diligence and preparation of the person to whom they are directed. If your interpretations differ from those of your father, and you recognize that he is right on everything he says, then it appears that you have some recognizable room for increased understanding. Your father could be a great source of information for you.

One way to tell if you are right in your interpretation of gospel themes is to compare them with the words of the Lord’s servants, the prophets. You would also recognize them to be in agreement with your ward and quorum leaders and with your father. Although not everyone is completely correct all the time, I don’t think that you could find a better standard of comparison and evaluation than those whom the Lord has chosen to represent him.





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