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Dear Gramps,

Thanks for you reply to my earlier question. My mind was clarified about some things I needed to do. The reason for my asking about the Lord continuing to bless us should we go against the counsel of his leaders is because in at least two occasions known to me personally, I have seen individuals disregard the counsel on a business endeavor they received, lost their business, fell into difficulty, took a chance and left their country and found better employment. We still communicate and he attributes his good fortune to the love and blessing of the Lord. I reasoned, if the Lord can do that for someone who falls into deliberate error why would He not bless me when my reason for leaving is to help my family?





Dear Jose,

1. We never know all the facts of any given situation. What is in the hearts of those involved is known only to the Lord.

2. It’s only a supposition that those who left their country in opposition to the advise of their leaders were blessed in so doing. If they had been obedient and had remained home, who knows what great blessings they may have received for their obedience.

3. Even if they are better off financially, worldly riches is not the goal of the kingdom.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heard be also.”


“to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.”

There is yet a judgment of the Lord, and an eternity that awaits us.






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