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Dear Gramps,

My job that I have been at for many years now requires me to work on Sunday. I have Friday and Saturday off. I have a Temple calling as a Patron. I now have the option to switch to Sunday/Monday off. I love my calling and have kept myself worthy (even excluding Sunday Services)to continue my Temple calling. But having just read your post expressing the importance of the Sacrament I find myself questioning which I should do. Stay with Friday/Saturday and enjoy the Temple calling I love or switch to Sunday/Monday and attending Sacrament meeting (Sunday meetings)?




Dear Jeff,
You have a very unfortunate dilemma in which you must choose between two very good things. Many people would give a quick answer. But most likely their answer would show more about their needs and priorities then yours. You need to be more focused on what the Lord would have you do. Ideally you wouldn’t need to choose between them, but since you do then it should be a matter for serious reflection, study and prayer.

Perhaps my post was something the Lord used to prompt you in the direction he wants you to go… Or maybe not. That is a question that only you can answer. Therefore my answer is to take it to the Lord and maybe some trusted friends/church leader if you need to talk it over with someone.


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