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My husband has been texting a woman incessantly for 1.5 months. They have been in contact through Facebook, email and sometimes skyping but mainly texting. He texts her from work and then comes home and texts her for 4-5 hours every day. He says they only talk about mundane things. I have also caught him in a couple of lies. He says they are just friends but I don’t believe him because my gut is telling me that he is not being fully honest. Is this considered infidelity even though there has been no physical contact between them?






The scriptures are pretty clear that a man is to cleave unto his wife and none else.

Generally speaking men tend to view faithfulness through a lens of physical acts and tend to miss the emotional impacts of our actions until they blow up in our faces. Thus I can be pretty sure that he doesn’t think that he is being unfaithful. It does seem that he is right on the line of being emotionally unfaithful if he hasn’t already crossed it. That means he is playing with fire.  He just might not see it until it is too late.

You deserve a husband that you can trust and respect.  His actions are degrading both of those.

I suggest that you pray to the Lord for wisdom and guidance on how to confront your husband so that you can begin to regain the trust and respect that he has already lost.





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