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Dear Gramps,

My non-members gave me a selection of books to read regarding the last days and the second coming. While the books are entertaining and spiritual, they definitely adhere to the concept of the “rapture” where prior to seven years of tribulation, most good people will be caught up to heaven and disappear. It goes on to define the seven seals and most of revelations as literal. My friends are quite concerned about my “rapture” status. They use as their basis, the NT reference to one being in the field and left behind and so forth. Is there a Mormon concept of the rapture? Thank you.





Dear C.K.,

The concepts defined by the word “rapture” comprise an old false sectarian notion of the events related to the Second Coming. While the books that champion these false notions may be entertaining I would not suggest that they would have any spiritual content. The events related to the Second Coming of the Savior are fully and clearly explained in the Mormon Doctrine and Covenants, which completely concurs with the biblical account. If you wanted to learn the truth about the Second Coming and the beginning of the Lord’s millennial reign on the earth I would suggest that you study the scriptures and the writings of our modern-day prophets, and not worry about the false notions that are circulating about and their proponents.






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