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Did Jesus receive temple ordinances? I know he was baptized to fulfill all righteousness but he was sinless and didn’t need to be. So then did he receive the other temple ordinances? Is there any record of that?






As an observant Jew, Jesus would have participated in the Mosaic temple rites as much as any non-Levite, Israelite male was permitted to do.  We know that His parents presented Him at the temple as a child, together with a sacrifice, in accordance with Mosaic law.  We know that He paid the temple tax that was then in force, and counseled his apostles to do the same, even though He claimed He was not technically required to do so.  But it’s important to note that the Mosaic temple rites were performed under the authority of the Aaronic Priesthood; whereas the temple rites Latter-day Saints observe today are performed under the authority of the higher Melchizedek Priesthood.

If Jesus received an older version of the Church’s initiatory ordinances, or the endowment, or any sort of sealing, those rites would have to have been administered by a holder of the Melchizedek Priesthood.  There is no record of this occurring and, so far as I am aware, no modern prophet has shed any additional light on this issue.  Therefore, at least for the time being, any answers to your question would seem to lie in the realm of speculation.





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