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Why does the Church advise members to avoid anti-Mormon literature? Surely the truth can withstand examination.  If I were a juror and the judge would not allow the prosecuting attorney a voice and insisted all the information I needed would be given by the defense attorney, I would think the judge corrupt.  This policy seems to align more with Satan’s pre-existence plan for us than that of Jesus.






Excellent question, and surely truth withstands any scrutiny and any examination; however, not everyone who reads anti-Mormon literature is studied enough to recognize disingenuous meanings within meanings.

The example you provide is all well and true; although, in context correlating a trial with an invitation (an encouragement) by the Church to not read anti-Mormon literature are not compatible analogies.

What are we encouraged to read?


Would the Church, our Heavenly Father and our Savior (Jesus Christ), desire that we listen and read “good books” or listen and read material which falsifies our beliefs? The Church encourages and invites us to read from literature that will strengthen our faith in Christ. Anti-Mormon literature is meant for the unstudied and those who are currently struggling with their faith. As I once read from an anti-Mormon book there was one who counseled his followers to seek out new members who have not yet studied the gospel for themselves. Why would anti-Mormon literature seek out the unlearned, infants in the gospel? Ever wonder why anti-Mormons are never satisfied with an honest answer?

Remember, Satan did not “advise” us to lose our agency, he wanted to destroy our agency. The Church has not destroyed anyone’s agency, they have actually honored our agency by an invitation, a principle they teach, and allow us to govern ourselves.

When Christ was upon the earth.


When Christ was upon the earth, did he not warn his disciples of the “leaven,” the doctrine of the Pharisees, when he said: (Mark 8:15), “And he charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and of the leaven of Herod?” Was our Savior’s comment “more inline” with Satan’s desire to remove our agency? Or, is it that the Lord was concerned for his followers knowing, (Matthew 26:41), “the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

What you choose to read, the Church recognizes it is up to you and your individual choice. What they invite the members to do is spend their time reading “good books” that will increase their faith in Christ. There isn’t a lot of time, and would it be wise for us to spend more time in our scriptures (the Standard Works) and other good books, versus reading a book that is bent on misrepresenting and destroying a person’s faith?





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