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Are multiple wives buried beside their husband like in the case of Brigham Young who had many wives? I just recently thought about this and was curious.






Burial arrangements are left in the hands of the individuals in question and their families. It is commonly accepted that husband and wife (or wives in the case of polygamy) are buried next to each other. However should the individuals express a different desire or make other arrangements before they die then that should be honored whenever possible.

In the case of Brigham Young, he is buried in Mormon Pioneer Memorial Monument (also known as the Brigham Young Cemetery). Only four of the 55 known women who were sealed to him are buried there with him. Eliza R. Snow (sealed to Joseph Smith for eternity but to Brigham for time), Mary Ann Angell (Brigham’s second wife after his wife died young and was not a plural marriage originally), Lucy Ann Decker (Brigham’s third wife and the his first plural wife) and Mary Van Cott (wife number 51). Only two of his children are buried there.  Joseph Angell Young and Alice Young Clawson.

So Brigham Young is a clear example of the variety of different ways a polygamous family can handle burial arrangements. Why didn’t the rest get buried with him? Well that requires some speculation. Some ended up divorced so that would be a clear reason. Some died quite early so that could be another.  Each individual would make their own choice based on what they wanted and thought was best.






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