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Dear gramps,

Do we have to pay tithing from gift cards? For example, if someone gets me a £20 gift card then should I be paying £2 tithing? I know it’s not physical money but it’s still money being spent on a card.






I appreciate your conscientiousness to obey the Lord and tithe on all your income.  But I’m afraid I have no counsel to give you on this matter.  The general authorities of the past couple of decades have made it a point to be fairly hands-off when counseling on the principle of tithing because it is supposed to be

“Between you and the Lord, and no one else.”

So, I shouldn’t give you any more advice on such outliers as gift cards.  When wondering about the less common sources of increase such as this, you’ll really have to just ponder and pray about it yourself.

As long as you do so with honesty and sincerity before the Lord, I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.







Do you have any idea how I can save more money? Or plan to budget money?





Hello John,

The Church offers a variety of self-reliance courses to better ourselves, one of which is called “Personal Finances for Self-Reliance”. This course should be taught locally in your area along with other members in your Stake. There you can learn a variety of skills that can better address your individual personal circumstances. They will discuss a variety of topics such as:

– Creating a Budget
– Sticking to a Budget
– Understanding Debt

I would contact your Bishop to figure out when the next meeting will be held in your Stake. They typically run a couple times a year. In the meantime you are welcome to read the manual now in advance to give you a head start and begin learning solid financial principles immediately: Personal Finances for Self-Reliance

Warm Regards,





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