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Dear Gramps,

I am 58 years old.  I have married twice and have raised four children on my own, as both fathers chose a different path.  I wasn’t raised in the church, but I became endowed after my last child was born.  All my children are endowed but I am sealed to no one.  I have no desire to be married again in this life, but I know it is God’s commandment for exaltation.  Is it possible to be sealed in the next life if I am faithful?





Hello Wendy,

Thank you for taking a moment to ask Gramps a sincere and honest question that appears to cause you some worry. Your question, “Is it possible to be sealed in the next life if I am faithful,” is an easy answer.  Yes, if you make a choice not to marry in this life you will be sealed eventually by someone in the temple. The whole human race, all the sons and daughters of God, will be sealed at some point.

However, your question causes me to ponder a possible question that wasn’t addressed that you may or may not be thinking, but that I think is important to address in relation to your original question. If I am faithful and I choose not to be married in this life, when I am sealed by proxy in the temple will this affect my exaltation? The answer to this question would not be possible to answer without speculating on a “final judgement,” which only God can make. Here are some thoughts I would hope that you consider:

1) Our Father in heaven and Christ are perfect.
2) They are perfect in their love for you.
3) They are perfect in their compassion and understanding of your current situation and desires
4) Their perfection wants your happiness and perfection, to become as they are.
5) They are ready and willing to communicate with you personally through any discomfort you may have.

In this life, we are always more wise to obey God and to seek His will in our lives. The prayer, and the reason Joseph Smith prayed, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God,” is important in our lives today. Their is wisdom you are desiring to know in relation to the covenants you have made with God. You recognize that your current “desire” may not be in line with the Lord’s will, or maybe your “desire not to marry” (at this moment) may actually be the Lord’s will for you. I would recommend praying with faith and hope to know the will of the Lord that he may soften your heart to know His will, and then act upon whatever He tells or shows you to do. Be open and honest with your Father in heaven (who is perfect in understanding, love, and mercy) letting him know your whole heart, your whole soul regarding the commandment to marry and your personal desire. If you are sincere, and with real intent, the Lord will not upbraid any sincere question asked of Him. He will though answer these prayers as you are ready to receive them. And one day, you never know, as you open your heart the current desire of your heart may change, and this question will be but an after thought.

The Lord bless you Wendy in your endeavors.






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