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I am an LDS mom of four children. One of the things we enjoy together is listening to christian rock music. We’ve even gone to two big music concerts in the past year together. We find the music uplifting and encouraging. It reminds us of the goodness of God and that he loves all people of all religions. Recently my kids have gotten ridiculed by other members of the church say that it is bad and teaches false doctrine. The only thing I could think of telling my kids was to look to the scripture specifically Moroni 7:16-18. I feel that although we occasionally find as song with tid bits of false doctrine that we talk about it and then just don’t listen to that song, much like you would do with many of the other popular musicians. But I do not see a reason to throw out all christian music that isn’t written by LDS artist. So my question Is am I missing the mark here? Should we stop listening to this music?






Let me see if I understand you correctly. You are a mother of 4 kids and you found an activity that you all can enjoy together. A chance for you to bond with your kids and your kids to bond to you and to each other. To make good memories of happy times. In addition to  that it also gives you a chance to teach true doctrine to your kids in a way that flows naturally, without being preachy or being forced, because they have become interested.

And that you are considering throwing that all away because some nosey busy bodies think they know better then you on the right way to raise your children?

The only suggestion I really have for you is to maybe look for more opportunities to share. Continue to explain to your kids why you have restricted some songs.  Help them understand how they can tell the difference between false teachings and true ones so that they can learn how to do it themselves.

Because the world is full of false doctrines and teachings that run counter to the gospel, and giving your kids the strength, skill and knowledge to reject them and counter with truth. This is one of the greatest ‘gifts’ you can give them.






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