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Dear Gramps,

I was reading one of the questions you answered and needed a little more information. When the Savior comes will we still commit sin? If Satan is bound, are we still being temped by the devil or are man just a sinful creature that dosn’t need much temptation?


Dear Laconna,

Christ-Millenium MormonThe Savior’s second coming will usher in his millennial reign on earth. Also at that time, Satan and his angels will be locked away for a time. However, remember that our free agency will not be taken away from us. We will still be able to choose for ourselves what we want and who to follow. We will still have our individual unique personalities so we will have our separate perceived needs. So if by sinning you mean that if we do not choose to follow, or to join with Christ church, then yes, in a sense we will be sinning since we will be going against the will of Christ who asks for all of us to “come unto him.” However, we also need to remember that we will also be exercise the inherent goodness in each of us to better help our fellow neighbors.

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