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I understand that there will be mortals during the Millennium until they grow old as a tree. They will not die but will be changed to their immortal body.  When the Lord comes at the beginning of the Millennium, will mortals still have bodies that feel pain and sickness or will they be changed to a “perfected mortal” body, then grow old to await their final immortal state?  Any scriptures that teach us this?





Hello Garrison,

When the Lord comes in all his glory to usher in the Millennium there will still be plenty of the sons and daughters of God living during the Millennium who will bear children. Our scriptures provide further insight that our bodies will be changed such that they will not die (return to mother earth), but will be changed in the twinkling of an eye as declared, “And he that liveth in righteousness shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye, and the earth shall pass away so as by fire” (Source).

Within this verse of scripture I see two points needing highlighted. The first, the righteous are changed in the twinkling of an eye. The second, the earth passes away as by fire. It would appear this verse specifies a change within the righteous will take place and then the “earth shall burn as an oven” (Source).

What then is this change? The Church website provides added insight.

Also take a look at these scriptures:  D&C 63:51101:29–31.

Will we  experience diseases as we now know? Since any child born will now not die, until they are twinkled in the blink of an eye, it appears we will not experience cancer and other death causing diseases. Will we experience common colds, flu, and other types of sickness? I, personally, haven’t come across any specific scripture specifying this would be the case; however, it would appear that our bodies will be changed to a degree that we will not experience sickness, nor pain, like our mortal bodies experience now.






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