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Hey Gramps,

When the scriptures talk about the “natural man” are they referring to our human nature, as opposed to the divine nature that Peter talks about in 2 Peter 1:4? Thanks,

Noah, from Utah

Dear Noah,

I guess it depends on what you mean by “human nature.” That is such a broad term that it could be interpreted to include both the carnal man and the spiritual man. When the scriptures refer to the “natural man” they are referring to those whose wills are dominated by their physical passions and appetites, who have not yet dominated the flesh by the spirit; or in other words, those who are dominated by passion rather than intellect.

One of the overriding objectives of mortality, where we become acquainted with the physical body and it passions and appetites, is to dominate and control those emotions, holding them in subjection, to be administered in strict compliance with the principles and spirit of the gospel. We then become partakers of the “divine nature,” under the influence of the Holy Spirit, as opposed to being partakers of the carnal nature that is influenced and controlled by the enemy of all righteousness.


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