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My question relates to Jacob 2:27. If the Lord is the same today, tomorrow and forever why the change in the position on one wife? Thank you for your time.

Ron, from California

Dear Ron,

As related in Jacob 2:27, the law of monogamy was required of the Nephites. However, in Old Testament times and in the days of the restoration the Lord commanded some of his servants to have more than one wife. The laws of the Lord are given and fitted to those of his Kingdom according to his own designs. Who are we to judge God? The facts are established by the history of the events. If we are to take the commandments of God given to his people in various circumstances and in various ages under various conditions, and then demand of God some sort of perceived uniformity based on our poor and partial perceptions and understandings, it only accentuates the poverty and partiality of our understanding, it could never represent our discovery of some defect in Deity. How ridiculous! How pompous! How arrogant! Rather than trying to judge the Great Judge of all, we should in humility try to be as obedient and submissive as we possibly can be. Then, as we supplicate the Father for understanding of his laws, we will be enlightened by the Holy Spirit; and line upon line, precept upon precept we will gain continued perception of the truths of eternity.


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