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What is God’s “glory?” I don’t mean metaphorically or allegorically. I’ve heard from many sources and over the years I’ve spent in seminary, church and a couple institute classes, I’ve come to think of God’s “glory” being an energy that radiates off of him. Ist his “glory” what makes transfiguration necessary to be in His presence? Is this “glory” what will consume the earth at the second coming? Is this physical energy, this hypothetically physical phenomena that made Moses that he had to wear a veil? I don’t mean any disrespect about so sacred a topic. But truly this is the true science of God to wonder such a thing. I want to know more about the being I should worship and do. I want to love Him with all my heart.





I think it is far from disrespectful to wonder and ask this question. The short answer is “Nobody knows precisely what God’s glory is.” However we do have many ideas as to why He has this glory.

Let me approach my answer this way; Have you ever been in someone’s presence and somehow felt the goodness within them? I’m not talking about meeting a celebrity and being in awe of their achievements, I’m talking about someone whom you knew was an inherently righteous and just person. I’ve known a few in my day, and I even recognized the feeling when meeting an occasional General Authority of the Church.

Derek, a person’s righteousness, or lack of it, has an effect upon them that most of us can’t really describe. Nonetheless it is a real thing that we know of when we experience it. Imagine being in the presence of someone who was so righteous, so naturally good, as to be called perfect. Imagine that person having no bit of sin or wrong within themselves. How would it feel to be in front of that person?

God is just such a being. His glory is a direct consequence of His own personal righteousness and perfection. His goodness is so great it is part of how He maintains his existence. As to what the glory itself is made of, or other physical properties of it, we have no answers, or even clues at this point.

What is all the more marvelous to me is that we have been promised the opportunity to obtain just such glory for ourselves according to our obedience to the Gospel. We are spirit children of God, and as such have within ourselves the potential to become as He is. The best part, to me, is that God himself is actively trying to help us obtain just such a wonderous moment. At that point, we’ll all know exactly what glory is and how important it is to our eternal progress, whether our own that we receive from God, or God’s own glory.


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