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What is known about Abraham going to Egypt and teaching the Egyptians about the stars and solar systems? It mentions it in the Pearl of Great Price. Why did they believe him? They obviously valued this information as the kings used this to build their pyramids. What did he teach them? Is it recorded anywhere? Why did he do this-was he paid or instructed from the Lord?

Bobbye, from Indiana

Dear Bobbye,

Let me ask you a couple of questions Where did you get the idea that the Egyptian kings used astronomical information from Abraham to build the pyramids? How did you know that the kings believed Abraham? From the information available in the Pearl of Great Price, Abraham and the Egyptian kings were not on the friendliest of terms. Even though Abraham was told to “declare all these words” (Abr. 3:15) they probably wouldn’t have listened to anything he had to say, as it took angelic intervention to prevent them from taking his life.

In order to answer such a question as why the kings believed Abraham, you would have to ask one of them. No one else knows. Assuming that Abraham did teach the kings, you ask why he would have done it. Again, you would have to ask Abraham. You may have the opportunity to do so one day.


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