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Dear Gramps,

Why does God not show himself to all?  Then there could be no doubt to unbelievers that He exists?





Hi Shelley,


We already know that we will serve and follow God if he is standing in front of us; that was determined premortally, when Satan led away the hearts of the third part of the hosts of heaven. Those were they who would not follow God, even when they saw and heard him proclaiming the truth. We were not a part of those. In a manner of speaking, we passed that test.

The purpose of our lives here and now is to see if we will come to God, if we will seek him and serve him, even when we can’t see or hear him. As 2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” Why? The purpose seems to be to discover the true desires of our hearts. Are we of God? Does our natural longing toward God, born into our spirits at their premortal creation, overcome the lusts of the flesh that we inherit in mortality? Does our desire for goodness outweigh our desire for pleasure, ease, and comfort?


Those who seek after God will come to know him. This we are promised. And many times, that knowledge comes only in our extremities — including.separation from the presence of God.







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