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Dear Gramps,

I am not a teen anymore, but I do have a question. After divorcing a member who was excommunicated, I met someone who has proposed to me. He is not a member of the church and I have a friend that insists on telling me that it is a sin and I will lose my exaltation if I marry him even if I stay a loyal member. Is it true ?





Dear Debora,

If you have been sealed in the temple and remain true to your covenants, the promised blessings will be yours in spite of what any other people may say or do, including your excommunicated husband. The Lord will reward you for your own faithfulness and fidelity. I am of the understanding that if your companion does not qualify for exaltation and you do, then in the Lord’s time you would be sealed to a worthy bearer of the holy priesthood with whom you could enjoy all the blessings reserved for those who love the Lord and keep his commandments. This could happen in mortality, or later, depending on your circumstances.

To marry a non-member, however, is a rather risky proposition. It’s possible that he may later join the church, but it’s also possible that you may later adopt his way of life. One approach you might consider would be to let him know of your feelings for him and for the gospel. Suggest that you would rather prefer to wait before accepting a marriage proposal until he had the opportunity to examine and explore your way of life and the deep sincerity of the commitments you have made to your Heavenly Father. Suggest that after a year of examination by him you might be willing to again entertain his proposal.






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