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You said only mortals will be able to propagate. I am unmarried and 56 and have never given birth. I want to physically give birth in the millennium. It is my understanding that righteous people won’t be denied any blessings but apparently those of us denied childbearing will be denied. In the millennium I assume I will be immortal. I don’t care if the children I bear are mortal or immortal I want the blessing of childbirth. I guess though this is something that will be denied. I’m not interested in bearing spirit children. Obviously immortals can physically bear children. Heavenly Father sired Jesus and whoever were the parents of Adam and Eve had to be immortal. Maybe I would have been better off sleeping with a guy or having artificial insemination to have a child but I didn’t because I did not want to sin. So I am going to be denied something I want because I refused to sin?




I do apologize if my previous words may have caused your soul some discomfort. I realize also, the words expressed here, “Maybe I would have been better off sleeping with a guy…” were said as a result of your discomfort.

In our current state, we recognize that only mortal women are able to bring forth mortal children in this our earth life. However, this statement doesn’t deny the blessing of having children in our next life.

You have understood the doctrine correctly with regard to this statement, “Every woman in this Church has great worth. If we live faithfully, we will be blessed someday with the privilege of being a companion, helpmeet, and mother. Whether this opportunity comes early or late in life or in the hereafter, we can fill our lives by serving others and fulfilling our roles as Latter-day Saint women.”

Continue to be faithful to the Lord. Continue to serve and keep in your heart the promise given to righteous and worthy women who have not had the opportunity to be married or have children in this life, “No blessing available on earth will be denied them.”




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