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Dear Gramps,

Our leaders have counseled us to remain in our native country to help develop the Church. I am planning to leave my country, bring my wife and kids, which means I will also have to be released from a major church calling and take my chances to seek an employer who will be willing to offer a job petition. I am doing this mainly for my parents who are old, sickly and for my siblings who do not have stable employments. Due to my mother’s most recent medical needs, we are so deep into debt. My current employment pays me enough to provide a decent life for my family. I want to help my extended family but cannot do so all the time. The pressure of expectation sometimes can become unbearable. Can I expect Heavenly Father’s blessing to help me find an employer since my reasons are noble, when on the other hand it contradicts the teachings of his leaders? I reason that I maybe released from my current church calling, but I am sure willing to accept whatever calling maybe extended to me wherever I decide to live / work.





Dear Jose,

There are a number of topics in your communication that would merit attention. Let’s try to treat them one by one. First, you ask if you can expect Heavenly Father’s blessing in a matter that contradicts the teachings of his leaders. I’m sure you know the answer to that one. God cannot lie. He would not give one revelation to one person and a contradictory revelation to someone else. Further, He would never give any inspiration or instruction to anyone that would be contrary to those in priesthood authority of that person. You may certainly discuss any matter with your priesthood leaders to get a ruling or an opinion with respect to your own particular situation, but the Lord’s representatives to you are your priesthood leaders.

Secondly, you apparently want to come with your family to the United States in order to seek for better employments. This approach could well lead to a compounding of the problems you seek to solve by such a move. The job market in the U.S. is very competitive except in the areas of unskilled labor. The wages for unskilled labor are not such that you could do anymore that to support yourself by that limited income.

Thirdly, if you with to come to the United States to improve you income, let me strongly suggest that find employment BEFORE you terminate any employment where you are. That would not be an easy thing to do, but I would suggest that it may be the only course to keep from compounding your problems.

There are various programs that could be used to help secure employment before severing the ties to your current income source. One of these that has the potential to be very helpful and is easy to access is Remember that the more resumes that you send out, the better are your chances for success.






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