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Each Sunday my husband and I discuss what we learned in our respective classes. I must say some of the topics and events I hear are discussed in Elders Quorum seem ridiculous. Recently the class discussed administering Priesthood Blessings to things such as cars that won’t start, faulty appliances etc. This seemed wrong to me. They were clearly not just talking about praying over a broken-down car, but actually laying hands on it. I have heard of blessing sick animals, pets or pioneers blessing oxen as they crossed the plains, but isn’t it wrong to administer an ordinance to an inanimate object? The more I investigate the more I come across priesthood holders doing this and bearing testimony of the results of laying hands on and administering blessings to machines. Your wisdom please?





Hello Kel,

Wow… I am assuming this was a very interesting couple discussion regarding what was said in Elders Quorum.

I must admit, I have never been in an Elders Quorum where someone has mentioned blessing inanimate objects.

When we give a blessing there are two elements necessary.  Although there are more variables the two elements would be:

  • Faith of the receiver
  • Faith of the giver

When blessing an inanimate object the aspect of “faith” necessary for the receiver is left out. It would thus appear it is highly unnecessary to bless or lay hands upon this object. However, there is nothing wrong in offering a prayer that this object would begin working properly again.

Personally I wouldn’t lay my hands to give a blessing on a machine or any other inanimate object.  However I would easily offer a prayer and ask the Lord to bless it this way, if it be His will.







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