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My blessing says I am from the tribe of a Ephraim and carry the blood of Manasseh. What does that mean? Can you be of both tribes?





Hello Chrissan,

Thank you for your question, and it is a great question. In my patriarchal blessing I am informed that my lineage is the lineage of Ephraim. My family history let’s me know that I also carry the blood of Judah in my veins. My great-grandfather is of the heritage of Saltiel which is mentioned in the Bible (lineage of Judah).

Your patriarchal blessing is simply allowing you to know your lineage as well as allowing you to know that the blood of Manasseh is also in your veins. At some point, down your lineage (family history) you will probably discover that someone was also from the tribe of Manasseh.

It wouldn’t be surprising either if we discover through family history that the blood of other tribes also run through our veins, but as to specifically why you are told such in your patriarchal blessing I wouldn’t know. I would encourage you to study, ponder, and pray and ask the Lord for wisdom you don’t have yet (James 1:5), and you can contact your stake patriarch who provided the blessing and counsel with him and learn his thoughts also.






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