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There is a high probability that my husband will fall away from the church before we are able to be sealed this summer. He very simply has no desire to seek a testimony. I have heard that if we are never sealed, I might have the opportunity to be joined to a worthy man during Christ’s reign, but, Gramps, I don’t want anybody but my beloved husband. The celestial kingdom would be a very sad place indeed if I cannot be with him. I just adore this man. To tell you the truth, my eternal future looks very grim whether I follow the gospel in faith or join my husband in apathy. If I can’t be with him, what is the point in continuing in the gospel if our values and interests continue to grow apart and if we will just be separated at death anyway? I think sometimes that it would be better to simply join him and enjoy him as much as I possibly can by his side in all things before we die than to continue to grow alone without him.



I’m sorry to hear that you are having spiritual troubles in your home. This has been a terrible time for many in the world… and I’m sure your husband may be feeling a lot of stress, fear and anxiety.

However, if I may point out, you’re “jumping the gun” to despair! Don’t lose all hope yet, nor should you resign yourself to the idea of being sealed to someone else. Before the final judgment, there is a place for those who have not accepted Jesus Christ and received their ordinance work. Even if you are never sealed together on earth, you may have the work done in the temple after he has passed. So, worse case scenario, if you never get to the temple in this life, you may get the work done for the next life. (Make sure you teach your kids the importance of family history and temple work!)

Eve was created to be a help-meet for Adam (Moses 3). I would continue strong in the faith. He may not know it, but he may be looking to you to be the example for him. This may take a long time. Be sure to have good home & visiting teachers to visit you in your home. President Hinckley said “Every member needs three things: A friend, A calling and nurturing by the good word of God.” [Find the lambs, Feed the Sheep, 1999]. Be sure he can get access to those three as best as possible and he will come around.

Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep – Ensign May 1999

I wish you and your husband the very best.


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