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Dear Gramps, It seems that many Mormons choose food as their drug/alcohol. While I know all things will be restored to their proper frame, is there any revelation about being physically fit in heaven? Thanks for the help.



Eric, your observation on Mormon usage of food for coping and handling stresses reminds me of a recent checkup I had. My doctor went down a general health checklist:

“Do you smoke?” he asked.


“How much alcohol do you drink in a week?”


He paused a moment after glancing at my hands. “Tsk… You chew your fingernails.” He sounded genuinely disappointed.

I replied, “well doc, I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. You have to allow me some vice!”

Food is common in American culture as a social catalyst, a means of comfort, and a reward. I don’t necessarily think that Mormons use such more than the next group, but if we do it wouldn’t be terribly surprising given that we covenantly discipline ourselves against the standard go-to vices.

The Word of Wisdom continues to serve as a counsel for even the weakest of those who can be called saints to gain mastery over their bodies. It is a stewardship that is given to us “in corruption” but resurrected “in incorruption”. Joseph Fielding Smith shared:

“There is no reason for any person to be concerned as to the appearance of individuals in the resurrection. Death is a purifying process as far as the body is concerned. We have reason to believe that the appearance of old age will disappear and the body will be restored with the full vigor of manhood and womanhood. Children will arise as children, for there is no growth in the grave. Children will continue to grow until they reach the full stature of their spirits. Anything contrary to this would be inconsistent. When our bodies are restored, they will appear to be in the full vigor of manhood and womanhood, for the condition of physical weakness will all be left behind in the grave” (Joseph Fielding Smith, Answers to Gospel Questions, 4, p.185).



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