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Is God responsible for the height that we are?  I am 5’4″ and have insecurities about it. I have asked a couple of pastors and no one really answers my question, and I would like to know what you think about this topic.





Dear Omar,

Ask Gramps is a team of writers, and this writer shares your problem. I’m only a few inches taller than you, still considered very short for a man in America. Growing up I suffered from the same insecurities as you did about my height, and they still come up from time to time. I remember at my high school graduation where we were told to line up by height. I was the shortest man in my class, and the overwhelming majority of girls were taller than me as well! I’ve asked God the same thing, believe me. And that’s okay. Some of us might have sensitive subjects that we’ve been dealing with for years and often times, we turn to God for answers. Like I said, that’s a good thing, it means you are talking to God and trust Him.

Omar, remember that all of us struggle with insecurities, even if people don’t show it. I used to compare myself to others who were taller than I am (practically everyone!) then I began to realize that perhaps they are comparing themselves to me. They might be jealous of attributes I have that they don’t-maybe it’s physical, maybe it’s material. I have yet to meet someone who isn’t jealous, even for only a brief time, of someone else for this or that reason.

Is God responsible for our height? Not really. How tall we are (or in our case, how short we are) is genetic. God isn’t responsible for our height anymore that he is responsible for one person having black hair, one person having brown hair, and one person going bald at age 25. In other words, God can’t be blamed for physical attributes that we might be struggling with. Like I mentioned in the above paragraph, perhaps if you and I were 6’4 we’d be insecure about this or that aspect of our bodies.

Height is something you can’t change. Believe me, if you could, I would have done that years ago. What we can change though is our attitude. Sometimes it’s best to not blame God or our parents, but to change how we view ourselves. Omar I’m sure you are a lovely person on the inside and if you focus on confidence and attitude-working on gratitude and thankfulness for gifts you do have instead of what we might be lacking-you’ll see that your entire perspective will change and you’ll probably be a lot happier.

God bless you my brother.






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