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Dear Gramps,

I often find myself thanking Heavenly Father for the many blessings He gves me but not feeling true gratitude when I do so. I see blessings in my life and know that they are from Heavenly Father but I am unable to show or feel true gratitude. So my question for you is what can I do to change that? How can I gain and develop the Christ-like attribute of gratitude or any other Christ-like attribute for that matter.

Thanks for all you do.





It is easy to take the blessings we have from God for granted. Fighting that feeling is a tricky thing to do, but one thing that always works for me is to go out and try to be a blessing to other people. Friends, family,┬átotal strangers…especially any enemies. Take the blessings you have, and share them with others, whether it’s time, extra furniture, old clothing, or food for the local food pantry.

Christ set the example in this by being as big a blessing as possible to those around him. He shared his gifts with fellow Jews and the Roman soldiers alike. Social station and career were both irrelevant. Be it a ruler of the Jews, or ten leprosy-stricken beggars, Jesus’┬álove was extended to all.

As a side note from my own life, in giving of what I have to others, I more fully understand how much I have been given to begin with. The experience brings me more joy than most anything else I do.



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